When Michael Hauke, Founder and Owner of Tony Boloney’s, decided to open another location in Hoboken, Mayor of Atlantic City, Don Guardian, said he would definitely be there for the ribbon cutting. With foodie fans from all over New Jersey, representatives from the city of Hoboken, and of course the Mayor of A.C., Tony Boloney’s Hoboken opened in style.

Free gift cards were given out to the first 50 patrons who waited in the line which spanned around the corner. Along with free pizza for all, everyone received a special treat when Mike served Cannoli’s from the famous Carlo’s Bakery of Cake Boss which is located just around the corner.

NJ.COM chatted with Mike about his success and what food lovers can look forward to at his establishment. Check it out:

NJ.COM: What are some of the main differences between the two stores?

HAUKE: The bones of stores are exactly the same. AC yeast for our pizza dough, AC bread for our subs, cooking techniques, recipes the whole shebang are exactly the same. Aesthetically, the Hoboken store is everything we want the Atlantic City store to be. We are starting construction next week in AC and hopefully wrap up in two. The store will not be closed during renovations.

That’s great to know. One wall decoration that you had recreated was the Atlantic City mural, why bring that to Hoboken?

HAUKE: Our AC mural speaks volume to the rich culture, history and energy that Atlantic City used to and still currently has. Our goal with any new store we open is that we emulate this so that the entire experience screams not only Tony Boloney’s but that you are DOing AC!

You won many national awards including Guy Fieri’s Cheesesteak challenge and the Live with Kelly and Michael Food Truck competition, are you in the process of entering more? If so, what award do you strive to receive?

HAUKE: The goal at Tony Boloneys is when people enter ‘Tony Boloney Land’, they are going to have a great experience, taste, smell, and feel for food like they have never felt, and its going to bring them back to a place that they have been yearning for. Basically we want them to say “oh s*#!, hot dam, what the f*#! did i just eat? I think my head just exploded, give me more.” So, what awards and ultimate goals are we shooting for? Best thing I ever put in my damn mouth award, I can’t wait to go back to AC medal, I want to do sexual things with my food plaque. That’s what we are going for. If any other fun stuff comes about you know we are down.

What are your top three most popular items?

HAUKE: Our new sub Boken Boy, Pancho Franko pizza and Cheesesteak Ole.

Are there certain days with fun specials that people should look out for? 

HAUKE: Thursdays are mozzerlla making and wine tasting.  Saturday & Sunday is kick a$$ Borracho Mexican Brunch.  Plus we offer, taffy making classes, pizza making classes, private rentals for birthday parties, and more.